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Cuban Sterling Silver Petite Necklace


Crafted with quality Sterling Silver, the thin texture and length create a classy and sophisticated look for the Cuban chain. Perfect to wear solo or layer it up to elevate your game. When silver glows bright, it reflects the moonlight that will bring you a clear sight in the night. 


Made in Sterling Silver

S 925

Length 45cm (18") | Diameter Width 4mm | Weight about 10g

Length 60cm (24") | Diameter Width 5mm | Weight about 14g

Thin Layer


What type of jewelry is best for you?

There are several factors to consider when shopping for jewelry. What suits you will depend on your budget, product care, any allergies to some materials, and how often you plan on wearing such a jewelry piece.  

Let us teach you the different types of gold jewelry so that you can both shine brighter and love what you purchase.

What is Gold Plated Jewelry?

Gold plated is a good jewelry option that offers the lowest cost and allows you to try out new trends for an occasion. It won't last long and may tarnish if exposed to liquids or chemicals. It may irritate the skin in some cases. The gold plating can rub off fast due to its thin layer. However, our gold plated pieces are of better quality and will last much longer than other traditional or similar products. 

What is Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

The base-metal is usually Sterling Silver and plated with high-quality gold in vermeil. It is a great affordable choice for wearing an everyday piece without tarnishing. The gold vermeil is quite heavy compared to regular gold plated and hypoallergenic. It will last much longer and not rub off so easily. 

What is Gold-Filled?

A solid layer of gold mechanically bonded to the base, which is usually a jeweler's brass. High-quality and affordable jewelry option for 14k and 18k gold. It cannot rub off and won't tarnish after daily use. At a fraction of a cost, it accounts for the same qualities for solid gold jewelry. Excellent quality and hypoallergenic that can last a lifetime with proper care of the product. 

What is Solid Gold?

The purest and best quality of gold, there is. It is quite expensive since the whole piece is just gold. The solid gold will not fade or tarnish, no matter how many times you wear it. It is a fabulous option for people who have allergies to metal. This material will not cause any allergic reaction while wearing it. 

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