miramira New York was founded in 2020 during the pandemic challenged with a hectic and uncertain time. The fashion industry changed. We decided to create a minimalist jewelry brand for every occasion. Introducing the foundation of Gold-Filled as a material in jewelry, and to find one's freedom when you let go of the things that distract you from the things that you love.


For as long as people have been purchasing jewelry, they've been creating waste. It's a problem that has only gotten worse over the year. Most jewelry is mass-produced using unrecyclable materials of bad quality that won't be able to get reused or recycled.

We believe that there is a more sustainable way of creating jewelry as a brand. At miramira New York, our mission is to provide the best quality fashion jewelry as well as fine jewelry with eco-friendly material that can last the way we love you. We do our best to create a bright future for the next generation.

Design and Inspiration

Every piece of jewelry that we’ve created is inspired by women and the queer community. We  strive to create a jewelry line that can make all of our beloved customers feel confident and  beautiful as much as possible when they accessorize. miramira New York believes every woman and queer people deserve a luxe moment every moment.   

We seek to provide quality products, eco-conscious box packaging, and more meaning when you wear our beautiful, timeless, and of the moment pieces. We have distinguished materials like 14K Solid Gold, Sterling Silver S925, Stainless Steel, and Gold Vermeil, as well as Titanium. Moreover, we're introducing a new element known as Gold-Filled jewelry that is water resistant and antioxidant.

Our jewelry borrows vintage elements from the 80's and early 90's to create a modern image that empowers everyone to have endless options with good basics to elevate your everyday outfit. Simplicity is the ultimate asset to effortlessly feel bold and look beautiful.