The Story Behind the Elizabeth Ring

She overcame everything that was meant to hold her back. Feeling the empowerment and confidence when you buy jewelry for yourself. 

The tale of the Elizabeth gold ring originates in the feeling of warmth and the precious memories behind the heirlooms or vintage accessories. Jewelry holds imageable meaning and unforgettable experiences, which pass down from generation to generation. With the passing of those beloved grandmothers, the jewelry heirlooms are more significant. Those who wear such jewels carry the weight of many before them; it is a rare and one-of-a-kind piece. 

The vintage style of these accessories is versatile and attractive to the younger hipster movement. It embraces a nonuniform spirit of individuality with a touch of minimalism. To create a modern image of jewelry by borrowing vintage elements that hold the embodiment of a story and contemporary fashion. 


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