Our Personal Holiday Wish List

Our personal favorite list of things and items that have not made it into the other gift guides, but deserve your worthy attention. If you are friends with our doppelgängers, then you would probably love these items as much as we do.

Folie à Plusierus Perfume is the epiphany of this artistic smell we've been looking for. Their brand concept is based on seeing less, smelling some, and feeling more - truly divine, I would say. When it comes to perfumes, nothing compares to the one I've found at Folie À Plusieurs - it's my all-time favorite fragrance. I'm obsessed with the perfume from Folie À Plusieurs - the scent is so unique and captivating, I can't get enough of it. if you're looking for a signature scent that will make you feel confident and elegant, look no further than my favorite perfume from Folie À Plusieurs."
The fragrance that made it to our personal holiday wish list is "Solitude Is Bliss"
Our second fave item is a plant-based supplement that can help creating a harmonious and primed balance to wherever life takes us. GetPlantWise has super-human supplements that are powerful and effective. Nonetheless, it's vegan, how wonderful is it? That is why it has made it to our wish-list.
Last but not least, we are fashionistas who go mad for refined vintage quality clothing. Our latest fashion obsession is "Tanner Fletcher." A Brooklyn-based designer inspired by romanticism and vintage gender-less pieces. We absolutely love everything that Tanner has designed. Striking whimsy and sophisticated collection pieces to last a lifetime with luxury materials that are often sustainable. If you are looking for a unique transcendent piece to wear in this festive season, don't waste your time browsing around and check out Tanner Fletcher's FW22 and SS23 collections. Believe us, you won't regret it.
Tanner Fletcher
That concludes our holiday gift guide for 2023. We hope you find something that you like for either yourself or your beloved ones.

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