A Dream Goes on Forever

It all started with COVID-19, a competitive job market, a dream, and a group of three friends who live in New York City. 

Sho, Jenny, and Rossellinie have different backgrounds, but they all met in New York while attending the same College. The 2019 pandemic changed those individuals' circumstances and limited their viable options to finding a job. This precedent situation brought them even closer to collaborate to build a unique project that would evolve into something special for everyone.

The dedication of time, determination, passion, hard work, and focus on launching a jewelry brand is the beginning for us. MiraMira New York will provide customers with affordable modern pieces that make minimalist fashion. What started as an idea of combining luxury contemporary with accessible trends to empower women grew into a dream come true, but remember - A Dream Goes on Forever. Be prepared for more surprises as the company expands.


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